As long as you’re happy.

I discovered this Curvesporation blog (which is the opposite of thinsporation) and I see pictures of all these beautiful girls who are nowhere near skinny but they look so incredibly gorgeous. And I ask myself, why? Why are they so happy when they’re not skinny? Isn’t that what everyone wants?

And then I realise, it’s because they’re so happy and contented with their bodies. When you’re happy and confident, you automatically just look incredibly gorgeous.

Why do we, as humans, find it so difficult to be happy? We always want to be something we’re not and that’s when we lose our happiness. We don’t need to have everything to be happy. When you stop wanting unnecessary things and be grateful for what you have, THAT’S when you’re the happiest. 

( this doesn’t apply to only weight/body image, it applies to everything in life)